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Our beautiful couple Mohit and Sheetal explored the historic city of Jaipur for their pre-wedding shoot

Jaipur is the gateway to India’s most colorful, flamboyant state, Rajasthan. A receptacle of Indian cultural motifs – color, ancient architecture, royal traditions, art, and music, its streets are heady, its squares ring with authen

How Instagram reel videos make your wedding an online sensation ?

Instagram reels is the new feature released by Instagram, and millennials are already going crazy about it. It’s the new way of telling stories in a video-format for 15 seconds. Whether it’s a college event, a business conference, o

Instagram reels and why you should be here?

We live in the digital era, where Social Media has become the primary mode of communication. Whether it’s an announcement, product launch, event, or a wedding, a single post on these digital platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagr