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Ways to get your jewellery popping in your wedding photography

It is a rather popular opinion that jewellery is an integral part of our wedding attire. Your wardrobe will be incomplete without those essential pieces of jewellery that you'll wear on your wedding day, lacking that sparkle and splendour. A bride spends a great deal of time choosing her wedding day outfit, jewellery, and shoes. However, most brides are unaware of wonderful postures that allow them to flaunt tiny details such as jewellery. Wedding rings, wedding chooda (bangles), and kaleeras, on the other hand, are sacred emblems of the Indian wedding ceremony. As a result, they should be accurately represented in your wedding day photographs.

The extravagant pieces of jewellery demand all of the attention since, when worn correctly, they may be real crowd-pleasers. It's a visual treat if your jewellery is sparkling. If you're unsure about how to make your bridal jewellery stand out, don’t worry brides. We got you covered. We've compiled a list of brilliant ways to make your wedding jewellery stand out that you'll adore. Simply scroll down and go through these suggestions to discover the finest methods to make your oh-so-beautiful jewellery stand out.

Source - weddingbazaar

Go OTT with huge chunks of jewellery
There is no doubt that going all out with your jewellery is our absolute favourite. Extra-large sets of jewellery placed around your neck to attract all the attention is an easy way to make your jewellery flash on your wedding day. Those magnificent jewels will undoubtedly make you look like a queen. And we can assure you that those massive stones will be a talking point at your wedding.

Opt for layered jewellery
Layering has a certain allure to it. Layering is always a good idea, and it's one of the finest ways to make your jewellery stand out. It not only adds depth to the overall design, but it also makes it simple to mix and match different types of jewellery in a single look. We recommend our stunning brides to pair a choker necklace with long beaded necklaces to make their wedding ensemble stand out.

Source - weddingbazaar

Pose while putting on your jewellery
While getting ready for the wedding, you can also show off your wedding jewellery. Typically, the photographer also shoots these moments. you can pose as if you're wearing an earring or adjusting your necklace for some close-up photos. Make them as natural as possible by really performing the activity.

Create a contrast of vibrant hues
On their wedding day, not everyone can master the use of colourful stones. Some brides, on the other hand, made a point of standing out by accessorising their look with some stunningly colourful jewellery. They leave us awestruck because of how amazing they appear. Wearing your jewellery with a solid colour combination underneath is a tried-and-true approach to make it the star of the show. It will draw all eyes to your jewellery and make it stand out on your special day.

Don’t forget your anklets/payals
You can do some sitting postures for bringing variations in your wedding photography. You can shoot these in your wedding venue after the ceremony. Sit on a chair and hold your ankle in such a way that your hands and feet ornaments are visible. This is also a good method to show off your mehndi on your feet. 

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