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How To Choose The Right And Best Wedding Photography Company For Your Wedding?

Ask a father the most important day of his life, and he would certainly say his daughter's wedding. Likewise, ask a mother what would give her peace of mind and she would, “My son’s marriage.” So, you see a marriage isn’t just an event in India but an emotional affair. It isn’t only about the unity of two souls but a union of two families. Right from the decoration, to food, to sangeet, mehndi, and the photography, everything has to be perfect. Is not it?

We get so excited about the wedding that we get carried away at times. Na, it isn’t your fault, it just happens. Let me help you to choose the best wedding photography company for your daughter’s and son’s wedding. Here are my exclusive tips:

Always meet the photographer at his studio and not at your home:
Most of us are so occupied with the wedding preparation that we have no time to visit the studio. Rather, we have a to-do list and we want it to be sorted at the earliest. Thus, we would ask the photographer to visit us, have a look at the portfolio, ask for the quotation, and we are done. Selected! 

But this might be your biggest mistake. Always make sure that you visit the studio. This will help you to understand the company infrastructure, team strength, expertise, and other essential details.

Meet the entire photography team:
Wedding photography is a collective work. It's teamwork.  A  few photographers will cover the haldi ceremony, some might be covering the pool party, sangeet and so on. It’s better to meet the entire team and find out their expertise. Talk to the photographers to understand their experience and creativity level.

Check the company’s online social media presence:
In today’s digital world everybody has a presence on google and social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help you to understand the company profile better. Read the testimonials, comments, testimonials, and company activities. Find out the number of page followers, visitors and the user experience.

Talk to your photographer's clients too:
This is just to ensure that you are hiring the right company for the most important day of your life. A genuine company will definitely share their client references. You can ask their permission and call the client to know more about them.

Ask about product delivery time:
Most of my friends have faced issues in product delivery. They never receive videos on time.  They have no clue when they would receive the wedding albums. Reason? Over-commitment and under-delivery! It is always better to have important details shared via message or email.

So, these were my 5 essential tips in choosing the right wedding photographer. You may drop me a query at or let’s catch up for a coffee at 59, Anand Niketan, New Delhi 110021, India.

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