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A little appreciation goes a long way!

Although appreciation is a basic human need, it is frequently dismissed as a frill.   After all, why should we have to take time out of our day to express our gratitude to someone else? Isn't it just that they're needy? Isn't it a sign of their lack of confidence if they need continual reassurance? They should be aware that they are valued without needing a pat on the back. Wrong! The power of a simple compliment is so strong that 64% of people quit their jobs due to a lack of it.

We at Film Sutra always try to make sure that a wedding turns out to be the best day of a couple’s life. And not just them, we also make sure that their family and friends remember it for a long, long time. For us, weddings aren’t just another project. We put our heart and soul in making it the most precious and special moment of the lovely bride and groom. For over a decade, Film Sutra has been the best wedding photography team in Delhi-NCR. We know what you must be thinking. Claiming to be the best is quite presumptuous of us, isn’t it? Well, we didn’t claim anything. This is what our clients have said in their reviews and testimonials.

Film Sutra is a team of marvellous photographers and videographers who strive to capture raw, beautiful emotions and create an everlasting memory. Be it a pre-wedding photography or a luxury wedding photography or even a destination wedding photography, we aim at making every moment at every wedding the best one for the bride and groom and their family and friends. Film Sutra ensures that the wedding is nothing short of amazing with a plethora of out-of-the-box services.

Our client’s satisfaction and happiness are our top priority which is why we leave no stone unturned in making the entire process of covering their wedding a memorable one. We have an average rating of 4.8 on Google.

Our client Ms. Shobha Pal went on to write – “The team was very astute in capturing the right shots and showing the good side of the guests. Also, everybody in the close family loved the photos and were delighted upon seeing them. Thank you for all the photos. We are very delighted and happy the way the photographs turned out. It brings a lot of joy that one of the biggest memories in our lives was captured so beautifully and elegantly. I’d like to give props to your team for being professional during the whole event and making my wife and I feel comfortable during the shoot. I’d highly recommend your services for the forthcoming events to friends and family.”

Another such testimonial by our groom Mr. Tuhin Tiwari states – “Working with the amazing photographers at The Film Sutra was a true blessing in disguise. What a fun lot, they knew how to crack us up and also get us out of a stressful situation. Absolutely lovely working with them, and to top it all the quality of their work is so amazing! Especially the same-day edit that they promise to deliver, we were awestruck by the quick and efficient turnaround. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it with them a 100 times :D When you find a team who are not just amazing photographers but amazing human beings as well, they are definitely keepers :)”

Another such appreciation by our client MS Akansha Chawla says --- The Film Sutra - “Oh my my” these are the first three words that come in my mind when I think about their work and professionalism. Undoubtedly, I’m in complete love with their work. Needless to say, their work is beyond exceptional, highly professional and so commendable. They know it extremely well how to make a basic background and a basic appearance look so fascinating, marvellous and magnificent. They are indeed truly creative. Exactly know how to click the best pictures with the right angles and capturing the best backgrounds. Since wedding function is all related with our memories, they never fail to capture the best memories of all the ceremonies. Their work outcomes are beyond exceptional and highly unexpected. In addition, there’s a complete mental solace whilst dealing with them because they act highly professional and deliver every work with so much ease and within the said timelines. My brother recently hired them for his wedding functions and I am in complete love with all the pictures.P.S This is my most honest review coming right from the heart. Capturing best moments and memories of life is really indispensable for every person and they do complete justice to that.

Keep doing such great work and keep growing. and Infinite thanks beyond words.

Another such feedback by our Bride : kali jalan I couldn’t have asked for a better team to cover my wedding, the whole event along with the pre wedding was well taken care of , the entire team along with Arun ji was highly cooperative and flexible. The best part was the on-spot deliverables.
A big thanks to the whole team for making our day so special.

Another such beautiful words by our Bride : Anshima Pal I found them through another professional photography team and then on it was the best decision for my wedding to work with them. We were very satisfied with the photos and videos which were the best moments and memories captured. They have a very professional yet a compassionate team who understands the glitches of wedding and works with a smile on their face all throughout. They were part of the family, who laughed with us, made us laugh and just did their job in a flawless manner. Being camera shy we both were very sceptical if we will be able to get good pictures but finally looking at the pics, we had not realized when the beautiful moments were clicked and I guess that’s the beauty of their art. I’ll always recommend them for their quality and affordability and the passion they have for this work. Best experience working with Mr. Adidev in India.

Another such beautiful words by our lovely Bride : shefali chawla Hands down one of the best wedding photographers I have seen. Everyone we speak to is raving about our photos. Not only is the work absolutely stunning, but the process during the wedding was professional, focused, and super fun!

And this is not all. From 2002 till date, Film Sutra have covered nearly 200+ weddings yearly, around 100+ Pre-wedding shoots yearly and approximately 75+ destination weddings yearly. Each one of our clients have been a witness to the kind of passion and sincerity with which we work. If you go through our Instagram page, you will see ample videos and posts where in our clients have spoken about their experience of working with us.

This is exactly what keeps us going. With every new client and wedding, we try to improve ourselves and perform even better than we did the last time. As for us, to make every wedding a dream come true is the only priority. So, if you or someone you know is planning a wedding, you now know who the top wedding photographer and cinematographer in Delhi NCR are. Reach to their team at or drop them an email at  

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