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Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR


For more than a decade, Film Sutra has been one of the best premium wedding photographers in Delhi NCR to capture happy moments. We're a group of enthusiastic photographers who specialise in wedding photography, candid photography, pre-wedding and engagement shoots, and destination weddings. Our wedding and candid photographers astound the clients by sealing the lovely memories in frames that are loved forever by capturing the special moments with unique approaches. The Film Sutra is specialist in all these. We provide all these (Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding Proposal Photography, Instant Prints in Wedding, Pre Wedding Photography and Drone Wedding Photography) at Delhi, NCR, India.

Best Wedding Photographers in South Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon | India

Whether it's an intimate wedding, a big fat wedding event, or a destination wedding, the wedding day is very memorable in one's life. That is the day when feelings run high and new relationships are born. You'll need a team of top-rated wedding photographers in Delhi NCR for your special day, who pay attention to each detail and won't miss any of the wedding moments. A group of professional wedding photographers can turn an Indian wedding into a fantasy for the bride and groom.

From the best pre-wedding photography to luxury wedding photography to destination wedding photography or even Next-gen photography, Film Sutra aims to make each wedding a dream come true for the bride and groom and their family and friends.

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Candid Wedding Photography

A candid wedding photographer can capture feelings and emotions in a way that no one else can, whether it's pure, unabashed joy or tears of despair. Natural and impromptu in nature, candid photography is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the delightful surprises it might provide when viewing your wedding photos.

Our candid wedding photographers in Delhi are competent and well-equipped, and they'll create the ideal team to capture all of your special, one-of-a-kind moments. These moments can't be planned, which is why you need someone who can foresee them and offer them to you to treasure for the rest of your life. That is exactly what we do.



We are the Next-gen photographers

We are the Next-gen photographers who believe in leveraging the power of technology to provide the best wedding photography services to clients. We are the industry leaders who take progressive moves to add unique services to our existing portfolio. Our latest barcode feature aims at helping wedding guests get their clicks instantly. The majority of the time, the wedding attendees get clicked at the wedding venue and rarely receive their clicks. They long for the pictures for months and months and lose hope eventually. We, at FilmSutra, fulfill the photography needs of the wedding guests through our Next-Gen photography service. The guests can walk to the scanning counter, scan the barcode, click a selfie and send it to the team. The team edits the photographs of the respective guest, color-corrects them, and sends them to their WhatsApp number on the same day. Simple, isn’t it?

FilmSutra believes that a wedding isn’t merely a union of bride and groom, but a unity of two families where every member plays a significant role. To strengthen this bond and make them a part of all the ceremonies, the team creates 2 WhatsApp groups (1 for the bride’s family and 1 for the groom’s family). Exclusive video reels (15-20 seconds) of the Mehandi ceremony, Jai Mala, Pool Party, Sangeet Program, Bride’s entry, and 7 pheras are shared with the group members. It’s a blessing in disguise for those folks who missed attending the wedding. Our in-house production team…

Destination Wedding Photography

Most couples nowadays prefer exotic venues and destinations for their wedding ceremonies because they enhance the beauty of your wedding moments. Whether you're planning a beach destination wedding or a royal fort wedding, finding the best destination wedding photographer should be high on your priority list. You should think about destination wedding photos carefully.

Most wedding photographers cover destination weddings, but just a handful specialise in this type of photography. But hold on! You've come to the correct place because we've photographed many destination weddings and it's one of our specialties in destination wedding photography.

Our cinematic techniques making us more famousas a best wedding cinematographers in delhi, india. Look our wedding and pre wedding cinematography here.


Luxury Wedding Photography

A lot of time, energy & money is invested in a luxury wedding, and you would definitely want each photograph to be memorable. As the Best luxury-wedding photographers in Delhi, we document every moment of your big day for you to cherish the memories for years to come. Our skilled team captures the candid moments, records videos, creates signature storybook albums, and so on. We’re proud to be referred to as the best Big Fat Wedding photographers in Delhi and will continue to excel to add value to your long-lasting memories.


Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photoshoots are not just a wonderful way to capture priceless moments, but they also allow the 'to-be-wed' pair to spend quality time together. The hours they spend posing and smiling for the camera makes them ready them for the adventure ahead of them. Making memories that will last a lifetime is a great way to explore companionship.

A pre-wedding shoot entails more than merely photographing the couple. It's all about telling your narrative in a way that seems most natural to you. It's also a terrific method for you to get to know your photographic crew and for them to get a sense of how you work. When the wedding day arrives, you'll have enough confidence in your photographer to allow them to do their thing while you enjoy yourself. A pre-wedding shoot will also help you improve your body language in front of the camera and determine which colours and lighting work best for you.



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Selection of the Best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR

Set-up in Delhi, we are a well-established professional photography company. Our team is a a mixed bunch of creative artists who committed to professional photography and cinematography at the highest possible level. We, as a group of passionate young individuals, not only assist you in capturing your priceless moments, but we also put love into all we do. We understand how difficult it is to find the Best pre-wedding photographers in South Delhi or wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. It's impossible to go wrong with it because so much is relying on the people behind the camera. Under the guidance of its founder, Mr. Arun Aadidev, Film Sutra has attained its greatest successes. Arun Aadidev is also recognised as a Celebrity Photographer in the photographic industry. Arun Aadidev's purpose is to assist you in visualising every emotion, idea, and event that is important to you. His goal is to establish Film Sutra as India's leading photography company, with the goal of building a contented clientele base across the country and expanding our field operations to other places around the world.

At Film Sutra, we understand the bride and groom's emotions and provide on-the-spot Photo-Video Editing and delivery to the clients. The couple and their family members can keep up with the festivities and other nuptials in real time. As a destination wedding photographer and candid wedding photographer, we are fully aware of this reality. This isn't just about selecting the strongest equipment, backlighting, and current tools; it's also about having the right expertise and understanding of the occasion's significance. Our primary goal is to illuminate, brighten, and intensify your memories of your relationship with your life partner. We chronicle your special day in a fine-art style. We are really proud of our reputation as one of Delhi's best photographers.

It's one of the most important days of your life, one you'll want to remember and experience in the years ahead. Our distinct wedding photography style attempts to capture the mood and emotion of your special day so that you may be taken back in time, while also serving as a timeless souvenir and statement of your love. We've worked with a variety of clients to meet their specific needs.

We Capture Sentiments and Happiness. Thats Why We are Called Best Candid Photographers in South Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon | India

Who has a keener eye for detail and can capture even the tiniest of details? It is, without a doubt, the candid photographer. The event occurs, and memories are formed as a result. Photographers, on the other hand, are the ones who capture everything within frames. Every professional destination wedding photographer or candid wedding photographer understands that there are some times and perspectives where so many elements fall into place that they become unique and/or distinctive. It is our obligation as photographers to frame the locations, incidents, and people that are significant, attractive, or unique.
We consider it our individual responsibility to frame and mould everything in a unique and holistic way. Our candid photography skill captures emotions and situations in their natural state. We specialize in making and telling tales frame by frame, moment by moment. We all know that you are more attractive when you are in your natural state. When we say "natural," we're referring to the spontaneous movement of feelings and reactions. And, as time goes on, when all of these moments combine on a single canvas, it creates a greater sense of satisfaction.

We are in this business because of our clients' contentment and joy. For us, it is always a fantastic reward.

Being the Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR, Photography for us is a passion

Photography is always about catching the appropriate moments that elicit strong emotional responses and provide a great deal of enjoyment. It's a modest job in which everything is handled with sensitivity and accuracy in order to capture the moment exactly as it should be. It all comes down to practise, patience, and a keen eye for detail. If you miss the fresh appeal of a wedding occasion, it cannot be recreated as it was the first time. These aren't ordinary moments, and you can't approach them as such. The reason for this is that these amazing moments never happen again. These exceptional moments are a couple's relationship's gold mine.

As a result, we are quite passionate about this field. We help you create lasting memories. We capture them in a way that will be remembered for a very long time. Photography is a greater passion for us than anything else in terms of expressing feelings and emotions. Such moments, framed and portrayed with simplicity and romanticism, are loaded with personal stories and a sense of surroundings. To provide amazing experiences for couples and families, every shot is a special shot for us. We want to give images that reveal something valuable about a person's actual essence through candid, conscious photography.

We are now Delhi's #1 photography firm, as well as India's first company to cover more than 200+ weddings in a single year. Such occasions are endless in their grandeur for you. These are moments that can't be recorded incorrectly. There are some crucial times that must be documented. To get the most out of the photographs, these circumstances necessitate precision and clarity of mind.